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Another Kind of Love: A Performance of Prosthetic Politics
Debra Levine

Killing as Performance: Violence and the Shaping of Community
Verónica Zebadúa

The Noble Warrior was a Drag Queen
Kerry Swanson

Eréndira a caballo. Acoplamiento de cuerpos e historias en un relato de conquista y resistencia
Ana Cristina Ramirez

The Underskin of the Screen: Performing Embodiment in Through the Looking Glass
Cynthia Bodenhorst

A Critical Regionalism: The Allegorical Performative in Madre por un día
Amy Sara Carroll

Artists' testimonies / Testimonios de artistas / Depoimentos dos artistas

EDEMA/ Colaboratorio de Arte Público: Ritos de Sanación Social
Eduardo Flores Castillo

O que deve ser um corpo da era da cirurgia plástica?
Helena Vieira

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e-misférica, Performance and Politics in the Americas is a peer-reviewed, biannual publication. Issues are thematically structured and prepared by guest editors around topics that explore the different uses and interrelations between performance and politics in the hemisphere. Guest editors are responsible for assembling each issue's written, digital, and interactive materials, thus fostering a dialogue between artists, academics, and activists from throughout the continent.

Guest edit:
To apply to become an e-misférica guest editor, please send a letter of intention, an abstract of the topic to be developed, a brief bio of the artists, scholars, and/or activists whose work you plan to include, along with a copy of your CV. The project description should be no more than 100 words. Acceptance of the proposal will be made by e-misférica's editorial board, based on the quality of the research and the timeliness and relevance of the topic to the Hemispheric Institute's mission.

Suggestions and proposals should be sent to the e-misférica managing editor, Marcela A. Fuentes at Please send all texts as Word documents. Any accompanying materials (pictures, videos, etc.) should be sent to the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, 721 Broadway, #6, New York, New York, 10003. Attn.: Marcela Fuentes. Please note that these materials cannot be returned.

Those interested in collaborating with e-misférica as reviewers of books, performances, and/or other materials related to performance in the Americas, please send a CV to, along with a brief statement indicating specific areas of interest (i.e., theatre, dance, performance art, anthropology, political science, etc.) Please send all texts as Word documents. The reviews are usually 750 words (3 pages) long.