Grupo Escombros: Mobilizing is Creating



Mobilizing is Creating

This exhibit presents a selection of photographs that are part of Escombros' work or document their performances between 1988 and 2005.


Escombros emerged in 1988 in La Plata, Argentina as a collective dedicated to street/public art. It was a time of full-blown hyperinflation, where everything seemed to be collapsing, democracy included. The artists asked themselves, "What will be left of our country?" Their answer was, “Los escombros” [the rubble]. That is how their group got its name. Most of their performances take place in open spaces; they are created for and by the people of La Plata; they always reflect current socio-political realities, and they are produced using discarded materials. Escombros expresses itself using all imaginable forms of communication: installations, manifestos, murals, objects, posters, poems, prints, public talks, visual poems, graffiti, postcards, net art, etc.

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