enc05_films_fifth_world_ed_littleProduction shot from The 5th World. Photo/ Foto: Ed Little, Jr.

Indigenous Film

Curators: Amalia Córdova and Raquel Chapa

Native Video from Brazil & North America
  • O Amendoim da Cotia, a new video by Komoi Panara and Paturi Panara, Video Nas Aldeias (Brazil, 51 min., 2004)
  • Nguné Elü·The Day When the Moon Menstruated , a documentary video by Tacumã and Marica Kuikuro, Video Nas Aldeias (Brazil, 28 min, 2004).
  • Dia 2 , an experimental video by P’urepecha directors Dante Cerano, Eduviges Tomás and Chanchi (Mexico, 23 min, 2004).

  • The 5th World
    , a video by Navajo director Larry Blackhorse (USA, 75 min., 2004).

  • Video Book·Un Video-Libro,
    a video by Beverly Singer (USA, 6 min., 1994)Director Beverly Singer (Tewa-Diné) will be present for a Q & A.
Our Words, Our Stories
  • Marangmotxíngmo Mïrang/From the Ikpeng Children to the World, a videoletter by Kumaré Txicão (Ikpeng), Karané Txicão (Ikpeng), & Natuyu Yuwipo Txicão (Ikpeng), Video Nas Aldeias (Brazil, 35 min., 2002).
  • Qulqi Chaliku·Vest Made of Money, a fiction by Aymara director Patricio Luna (Bolivia, 22 min., 1999)

  • The Ghost Rider,
    a documentary by Blackfoot/Lakota/Mexican director V. Blackhawk Lakota (USA, 52 min., 2003)

  • Two Worlds Collide
    , a video by Cree director Tasha Hubbard (Canada, 52 min., 2004)
Video and Community
  • Mapu Rakiduam-La Otra Mirada·The Other View , Mapuche community television by Freddy Treuquil (Mapuche) & Pablo Villagra (Mapuche), Colectivo Kurruf Newentuaiñ (Chile, 30 min., 2000)
  • Video in the Villages Presents Itself, a documentary by Mari Correa & Vincent Carelli, Video Nas Aldeias (Brazil 33 min., 2002)

  • Reclaiming Justice,
    a documentary by Carlos E. Pérez, (Mexico, 30 min. 2002) – presented by Alex Halkin, founding director of Promedios·Chiapas Media Project.

  • Blood River,
    a video by Cree director Kent Monkman (Canada, 23min., 2000) Q & A with director Kent Monkman.

  • Network in Progress
    , a new documentary by Fernando Salis and Felipe Ribeiro presented at the World Social Forum 2004 (Brazil·U.S., 72 min., 2004) Q & A with director Fernando Salis.

  • Window into Family,
    by the young people of the Gila River Indian Community & Stephani Etheridge Woodson (USA, 2004).
Native Video from Brazil and the Arctic
  • Daritizé, Aprendiz de Curador , a video directed by Divino Tserewahu (Xavante) (Brazil, 35 min., 2004)
  • Natchiliagniaqtuguk Aapagalu·Seal Hunting with my Dad, video by Andrew Okpeaha McLean (Inupik) (U.S., 11 min., 2004) Q & A with Andrew McLean .

  • Atanarjuat
    , a feature film directed by by Zack Kunuk (Inuit), Igloolik Isuma Productions (Canada , 172 min., 2001)

  • Tumbalalá Tupinambá – Irmãos no Mundo
    , Sebastián Gerlic (Coordenador do projeto Índios na Visão dos Índios e Índios – on-line, diretor de cinema e agente cultural) (Brasil, 55 min., 2004)

  • Vagalumes do Asfalto,
    de Denise Pedron e Ricardo Garcia (Vídeo experimental) (Brasil, 3 min., 13 s., 2003-2004)

  • O Coração de uma Rainha
    , de Arthur Omar (Brasil, 1992, 26min.)
Chiapas Media Project
  • Son de la Tierra·Song of the Earth,  Traditional Music from the Highlands of Chiapas, Tzotzil elders explain the significance of traditional music and the role of musicians in their communities (Mexico, 17 min., 2002)

  • Caracoles: New Paths of Resistance
    , documentary produced by communities of Oventik and Morelia by 18 Zapatista video makers with Promedios de Comunicación Comunitaria A.C. (Mexico, 42 min., 2003)