Yasmin Hernández

Goddesses: Mothers, Daughters, Survivors, Ancestors

This installation, dedicated to the struggles of women past and present, will celebrate their triumphs as survivors. Artist Yasmín Hernández will construct an altar, honoring all women as sacred beings--from holy virgins, saints and orishas to our mothers, sisters and ourselves. Incorporating the Yoruba concept of "ori", this installation will demand that viewers and participants acknowledge the divine force within themselves. This piece is inspired by Yasmín's upbringing within the Espiritismo tradition and seeks to celebrate the influences of Indigenous and African cultures on ancestor worship in this hemisphere.


Yasmin Hernández, a painter and installation artist, was born and raised in Brooklyn. The daughter of Puerto Rican parents, she finds inspiration in her cultural identity and describes her art as "a process of unveiling what has been suppressed by colonialism and racism. Complex themes are explored in my work, where I utilize aesthetic principles hailing from my Indigenous, African and Spanish spiritual and cultural ancestries." She continues to present her work and supplements her art career by teaching cultural and studio art workshops for various youth programs in New York City.