Diana Raznovich

The Stressed Santuary

This santuary houses masterpieces of the relgious iconography of stress-related disorders such as "Saint Patience of the Latin America People", "Saint Calamity", "Saint Repressed", "Saint the Wife of the Holy Fugitive Spirit", "Lesbian Virgins", and other stressed virgins. If you pray to them as indicated in the sanctuary, they will fulfill your wishes. Diana Raznovich and Marlène Ramírez-Cancio will lead a ceremony of devotion. The virgins will realize miracles in exchange for offerings. The stressed virgins will be waiting for you. Don't miss it.


Diana Raznovich is an Argentine playwright and cartoonist. Born in Buenos Aires, she has gone into exile at different moments. Her most important plays have been compiled and published in Defiant Acts (Bucknell Press, 2002), a bilingual volume with a prologue by Diana Taylor where her theatrical texts are interwoven with her cartoons.  Her plays Casa Matrix (MaTRIX, Inc), Jardín de Otoño (Inner Gardens), Desconcierto (Disconcerted), Efectos Personales (Personal Belongings), Fast Food a la Velocidad de la muerte (Fast Food at the Speed of Light), Máquinas Divinas (Divine Machines) have been translated and performed in Europe and the Americas. her feminist cartoons are regularly released in and in several European and Latin American magazines and newspapers. 

Edited by Victor Bautista