Miguel Luciano

 The All Powerful Hand Racetrack

La Mano Poderosa Racetrack is a sculptural installation that combines Puerto Rican folklore with consumer fantasy in a carnivalesque interactive Hotwheels racing experience. Departing from the Puerto Rican colonial tradition of saint carving, La Mano Poderosa (the All-Powerful Hand) is re-sacralized as the traditional sacred family atop the fingers of Christ's wounded hand is replaced with a new set of Consumer Santos. From the ten-foot Hand outstretches a twenty-foot long Hotwheels racetrack where viewers compete for mixed blessings, racing cars down a track of blinking lights from the Stigmata Starting Gate to the Sacred Heart Finish Line.


Miguel Luciano is an artist whose work addresses both playful and painful exchanges between the United States and Puerto Rico, questioning a colonial relationship that exists to present day, and problematizing the space between the two cultures. His paintings and installations often examine how colonial subordination is extended through globalization, as communities have shifted gears from a production-based society to one that is grounded in consumption. Luciano currently resides in Brooklyn, and teaches a course in public art at El Puente, a Latino Cultural Center for Human Rights.

Edited by Victor Bautista