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e111 main cover 270x350 13.1 States of Devotion | 2017

This issue maps the changing intersections of religion, subjectivity, and the State in the wake of neoliberal regimes across the Americas.

10.2 Dissidence | 2013

This issue investigates dissident theory and practice, modes of standing apart, within the Americas and beyond.

8.2 #narcomachine | Winter 2011

This issue examines the logics, geographies, and grammars of narco-trafficking as an elusive yet ubiquitous social formation that we name the “narco-machine."

7.1 Unsettling Visuality | Summer 2010

This issue investigates the conjuncture of performance and the visual, exploring when and how performance may unsettle the relationship between visual representation and social reproduction, and thus open new ways of seeing.

5.2 Race and its Others | Winter 2008

This issue examines the relationship between race and performance in the Americas, focusing on the ways in which different racial formations are transformed as they come into contact and conflict.

4.1 Affect, Performance & Politics | June 2007

The realm of affect has long been and continues to be constitutive of the relationship between politics and the body: of forms of government and socio-historical forms of subjectivity.

2.2 Sexualities and Politics in the Americas | Fall 2005

How does the subject gain agency by performing a sexuality that subverts normative regulations? What forms of political violence are exerted on the sexed body?

12.1 Caribbean Rasanblaj | 2015

Rasanblaj n.. assembly, compilation, enlisting, regrouping (of ideas, things, people, spirits)

10.1 Bio/Zoo | 2013

Through the prism of biopolitics, this issue investigates the notion of species and modes of domination, governance and antagonism based on claims to biological life.

8.1 Performance ≠ Life | Summer 2011

Focused on performance art in Latino/a America, this issue explores how non-objectual actions compose forms of relation, critique, and abstraction in the domains of politics and the social.

6.2 Culture + Rights + Institutions
6.2 Culture + Rights + Institutions | Winter 2009

This issue explores relations between culture, rights, and institutions analyzing the discourse of “cultural rights,” how performance functions as a vehicle for claiming such rights, and institutional agency in relation to the law, citizenship, the museum, the university, and more.


5.1 Traveling Virgins | April 2008

As the movement of people across national borders intensifies, religious practices become increasingly mobile, turning virgins, saints and other devotional figures into migrants.

3.2 Hybrid Imaginaries / Fractured Geographies | November 2006

Borders are everywhere. They divide us and allow us to come together. They mark our territories, our bodies, and our speech. They are real and imagined, porous and hard, visible and invisible, but above all political.

2.1 Aboriginal Performance | Spring 2005

Indigenous and non-indigenous scholars and activists examine the use of performance as a gesture against the erasure of Indigenous presence in the Americas.

e111 main cover 270x350 11.1 Decolonial Gesture | 2014

This issue investigates the discontinuities, breaks, and unravellings that signal the decolonial.

9.1-9.2 On the Subject of Archives | Summer 2012

This double issue looks at archives as calls to action. Rather than stable repositories, archives are examined as acts and practices in transit that mobilize different media and are mobilized by them.

7.2 After Truth | Winter 2010

This issue explores the changing shape and status of “truth” in the neoliberal aftermaths of transitional justice projects in the Americas and beyond.

6.1 Contagion
6.1 Contagion | Summer 2009

Through a focus on "contagion," this issue explores the enactment of social, aesthetic, and political formations of the social body when threatened or transformed by the presence of an/other.

4.2 Body Matters / Corpografías | November 2007

This issue examines the centrality of body politics in the production and reproduction of inequalities, focusing on the dynamics of visibility and invisibility and on the struggles of those deemed expendable.

3.1 Performance and the Law | June 2006

To embody the letter of the law is to make habit of iterating its text through actions. Through distinct rituals, law is repeated, reinforced, implemented, avoided, enacted, dictated, and broken.

1.1 Enacting Democracy | Fall 2004

Focusing on the intimate relationship between performance and democracy, this issue examines the performative practices and strategies of social movements across the Americas.