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Postmodern Parody as Political Intervention
by Kavita Kulkarni

Desobediencia Simbólica
by Victor Vich

The U.S. Voting Machine Debacle and the Machinery of Democracy
by Nina Mankin

Venezuelan Elections
by Fernando Calzadilla

Radical Cheerleading and Feminist Performance
by Jeanne Vaccaro

Multimedia Presentation: Billionaires for Bush

Multimedia Presentation: Superbarrio for President

Roundtable Discussion

Student Panel

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Patriot Act: Political Performance After 9/11
Joseph Shahadi

On the Phenomena of Narcocorridos and Narcoculture
Hermann Herlinghaus

Roberto Jacoby y Sociedades Experimentales
Marsha Gall

American Neruda:
Two New Recordings Restore What Was Once Lost in Translation

by Josh Kun